Great Gift Ideas for Your Fitness & Beauty Aficionado

It’s that time of year again.  A time that only comes once a year and is anticipated all year long.  A time that embodies indulgence and glamour. This glorious day is that which is called, My Birthday.

I’m a big believer in celebrating birthdays as insanely as possible.  Many people believe that it’s “just another day” and not one to be particularly celebrated, but I’m quick to point out that it is the ONE day of the entire year that is 100% yours.  It is yours to celebrate how you wish, eat as much cake as you like and spend frivolously.  What’s not to love about that?! If there is someone in your life whose birthday is quickly approaching, take a look at some of these great gift ideas for your beauty and fitness aficionado.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

I was introduced to this precious gem while enjoying a two week pass at a local studio.  Their mats smelled absolutely amazing, and the receptionist informed it was due to the cleaning spray they used. Granted, it’s completely unnecessary, as good ole soap and water will do the cleaning trick, but it’s not expensive, and I felt like it enhanced my zen.

Meal Management Bag

These types of coolers are all the rage in the competitive fitness and figure community. They compartmentalize your food containers, enabling you to bring six separated meals in your cooler.  Super efficient and handy.

Nike Studio Wraps

I’m in love with the Studio Wraps by Nike. As a former dancer, I’m always looking for new a different footwear for class. I prefer to go barefoot, but often times the hard wood floors in gyms are slick, and you have no grip in your bare feet.  These shoes are a perfect combination of bare feet and bottom grip. I like them for dance, yoga and barre classes.

Moisture Wicking Headband

Some of you have the comfort of being of being non-sweaters, but for me and many alike, our foreheads become water fountains when the workout begins. Even without the sweat though, these headbands have a great look and keep the wispies out of your face.

Filter Water Bottle

My CamelBak water bottle is one of my favorite things in the world, and I never leave for a workout without it. It has a built in filter system, so that you can fill it up from any water source (not a pond; any reasonable water source, like a faucet) and have filtered water.

IIFYM Cookbook

There is much controversy over the effectiveness of eating by the principles of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), but so far, I am liking it.  This cookbook could make a great gift for someone who enjoys experimenting with food and wants to break out of the same ole brown rice and chicken.

Cosmetic Organizer

This is a simple gift idea that will simply make someone’s life better! Most of us scatter our favorite items here and there, with some in the medicine cabinet and some below the sink and yet others in the linen closet.  This organizer is great for keeping your everyday products all in one place.

Anti-aging Pillow

I haven’t tried one of these, but I love the concept and can attest to the benefits of having contoured neck pillow. These pillows put your neck and head in the right place so as to help prevent wrinkles and better your sleep. I have this one, and I cannot sleep without it.

OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum

You can purchase this serum with the OZ Naturals Eye Cream for $40! Yes, I originally purchased these products because they were a steal, but I’m board with the other reviewers.  The serum brightens my skin, and I’m seeing a noticeable difference around my eyes as well.


Fitbit is an electronic gadget that will track your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.  It will even wake you up based on your sleep pattern and what time it deems best. They have a fairly large product line with various pricing options.  They also offer the Tory Burch line for the super fashionistas. If your birthday girl is on a fitness journey to lose some pounds or just get in better shape, this might be the perfect gift.

Buying for friends can sometimes be tough. But I’m confident that these are some fantastic options. Who couldn’t use a new water bottle or wouldn’t want to try an anti-aging pillow? If you have any of these products and want to share your opinion, shoot me an email or tweet me! I love feedback.

Photo credit: FutUndBeidl

Lea Waide

Lea is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of  She is a former professional dancer and IFBB fitness competitor, triathlete and all around fitness and beauty aficionado. Her passion is sharing her knowledge with women beyond the age of thirty, who are looking to continue to feel beautiful and fabulous.

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