Choosing an Esthetician

If you’re going to remain beautiful and youthful, an Esthetician, or my Skin Manager as I like to call her, is a necessity. In my world, it’s not even a luxury expense. It gets marked in the “bills” category of my monthly budget.

Making the decision to employ one is the easy step. Finding one you love and trust, is a whole other story.

First, you need to do your homework. A personal referral is usually your best bet, but not everyone’s standards or expectations are the same.   I’ve been to several different places all around Los Angeles, and I scoured the Internet for reviews. And I read all the reviews, not just notice the number of stars. There are public relations companies and private individuals who are paid to write awesome reviews for some of these places. If they have 10 reviews in a row that are five stars and the people posting haven’t reviewed any other places, it’s suspicious. Look for detailed reviews where it seems obvious that this person has actually been there.

Please don’t look for deals! This is your face we are talking about.

Do you want to go in for some Botox and come out with half your face paralyzed for the next six months? I’m always mortified when I see some news story about a botched job of plastic surgery or Botox. The doctor or esthetician is never someone reputable. It’s some guy in a back alley office offering procedures for ridiculously low prices. Now, that said, there are exceptions. For example, I was six sessions into a laser hair removal treatment, when I moved and needed a new place to go. There was a Groupon for a package of laser hair removal treatments at a place nearby. I did my research and gave them a try. That was a year ago, and now I see them for other treatments such as facials and chemical peels.   And, they frequently send out deals via email, which I buy. Hey if I can get four facials for the price of one, I’m down.  But, just to reiterate, this is after I’ve established a relationship and know it’s someone I trust.

I think personal attention is also important. The place I mention above is kind of like a factory. They have several technicians on staff and while they do a nice job, they see many people on a daily basis, and they certainly don’t remember my name. I will frequently have to remind my technician what I did last and update her as to where I am in my treatment process. I continue to go here for the procedures that I consider less serious, and because there’s already been so many technicians who have seen my who-ha; I’m not trying to add another one to the roster. My fiancé and I always joke that if we are going to local bar, chances are, there is going to be some girl in there who has seen my vagina.

On the other hand, with my girl Jenn, I have her personal cell. She’s the only esthetician at her office. If I have questions or concerns, I’ll text her and she gets right back. When I come in, she knows who I am and knows exactly where I am in my treatment plan. She’s worked with me from the beginning on having a plan or strategy for getting my skin to its’ best health and maintaining it.

Also, you should look for someone who you can book with easily.

You shouldn’t have to chase people down to give them your business. And honestly, snotty front desk staff can totally ruin the experience. If you call three times and can’t get an appointment, or they put you on hold for ten minutes and forget to call you back, you should probably look elsewhere. Sure, that might mean they are in demand and therefore do good work, or it might mean they are unorganized and not running efficiently. And it definitely means that your business isn’t that important to them.

Lastly, make an appointment for a consultation. You don’t need to get anything done, and usually they are happy to do a consultation complimentary. It gives you an opportunity to meet and get a feeling. Ask any questions you want. Ask about their credentials. Ask how many patients they see in a day. And if at any time, they seem irritated with your questions, well then…NEXT!

Lea Waide

Lea is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of  She is a former professional dancer and IFBB fitness competitor, triathlete and all around fitness and beauty aficionado. Her passion is sharing her knowledge with women beyond the age of thirty, who are looking to continue to feel beautiful and fabulous.

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