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Iam a big believer in following a healthy diet and workout routine to achieve long-term weight loss results. Like many of you, I would love to discover the magic pill, but alas, it does not exist. Like most things in life, to achieve a goal worth having you must put in the work.

I recognize however, that there are times when you need to shed some weight quickly for an upcoming event. Even the most dedicated fitness aficionados have fallen off the wagon from time and time and have a need to drop a few quickly. Let me share with you some tips that will help you to feel wonderful for whatever event you have looming that requires you at your best.

Get a tan!

Nothing will make you look and feel slimmer faster than getting a tan. If there were anything that worked like magic, this would be it! Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, you have several options. First, there’s always the actual sun, which is free. 10651154523_5a4208f1c4_zBasking in the sun is time consuming and may not be an option for you, depending on the time of year. Also, there’s that thing called skin cancer, so while I love a good natural tan, I keep it fairly limited. Your next option would be a self tanner you apply at home. Depending on the brand, these can be pretty inexpensive. My absolute favorite is Victoria’s Secret Bronze Self Tan Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion, which costs $15 bucks and gives a great bronzy look. I have very fair skin and can easily look orange. This product does not do that at all. I also have no problems with it streaking, but there are trouble spots, as with any applied tanner, around the feet and knees. This tanner is my go-to every day product. When I actually have an event approaching, vacation or special weekend in some regard, I use Mystic Tan. You get naked and get sprayed in a booth. They cost as much as $30 a session, but I buy a package, which takes the price down sometimes as low as $7 a session. Depending on how much you shower and/or play in the pool, it can last for a few days. It needs about twelve hours to fully develop, so it looks best the day after application or in the evening if you opted to tan in the morning.  And you should note that with each shower, as it begins to come off inconsistently, it won’t look as great as it did the first day.

It’s important to know your skin tone and which level you would like to use. If you’re fair skinned and use too high of a level, you won’t necessarily get darker, just more orange, which is not a good look. Also, with both Mystic and an at home tanner, it’s a good idea to try them out as a test run. You don’t want to show up on your wedding day looking like an Oomph Loompa.

The final option is a personalized airbrush tan. I’ve had great success with these and don’t use them more often merely because of the price tag. They usually run about $75 a session, but using the right technician can lend itself to a gorgeous, natural and streak free tan. A requirement for this tan is your ability to get buck ass naked in front of a stranger. And bend over and pull whatever body parts need pulling so she or he can get the job done. It doesn’t bother me. But for some of you, that might be a deal breaker. Again, do your research and make sure to choose someone reputable.

Drink water.

Many people falsely believe that drinking water will make you retain more water. But the opposite is true. Keeping your body hydrated will flush your system and keep your muscles functioning at their peek. Dehydration will make you tired and less able to get in those much needed workouts. Depending on the amount of time you have to lose the weight, you may want to drink tons of water the week leading up to your weekend or event, and then cut it back a day or so before.

While long-term dehydration will cause your body to retain more water, drinking less for a short period of time will help you to feel tighter.

It’s a strategy that most physique competitors use to be at their peak while on stage. But you should never stop drinking water entirely and you should resume normal drinking practices within a day of depleting yourself.

Take a natural diuretic.

Dandelion Root is your friend. 17336937302_e74d66de6c_zIt’s an over the counter supplement that works beautifully. It increases the urinary output of your kidneys and is known for its detoxifying properties. Side effects would be rare, as it’s an herbal remedy. But if you’re concerned, do adequate research and possibly consult your physician. For dosing, begin supplementation two to three days before your big event, and take a 520 mg capsule three times a day with food.   I have never noticed a rebound effect from taking Dandelion Root, whereby once you stop taking it you gain a bunch of weight instantly. This may be because it’s mild compared to a prescription diuretic. But there is a noticeable difference in my body when I use it, and I highly recommend it.

Take Vitamin B6.

To further help the diuretic effects of Dandelion Root, you can supplement with B6. It promotes the elimination of fluids my increasing the urinary output of your kidneys. It is also known to keep sodium and potassium balances in check, which in turn helps your body rid itself of excess fluids. Again, this is a vitamin, so there is no reason to expect any side effects or drug interactions. Take 100 mg twice a day for two to three days leading up to your day.

Sit in the sauna.

I have found that regular visits to the sauna are great for my skin and give it a stunning glow. 455500490_ec9069284c_zIt also drastically cuts water weight. The sauna is one of the main measures used by wrestlers and MMA fighters to lose drastic weight in a short amount of time.

While I don’t use it regularly for weight loss purposes, it is exceptionally effective.

The excessive amount of sweating that occurs in the sauna works like magic and will give you a significant drop in water weight over night. There’s no need to do this for multiple days though. Drop in for about twenty minutes the night before or the morning of your event.

Cut out carbs.

For the most part, I don’t advocate long term low carb dieting, because I don’t feel it is necessary to accomplish results and for many people, it can be difficult in which to adhere. But the fact is, low carb eating does result in almost instant and substantial water weight loss. The reason for this is that carbohydrates are stored as glycogen, which in turn retain water. Once you burn those glycogen stores and cease to add more carbs to your body, the water that was attached to those stores of glycogen gets released. The results are tremendous and apparent quickly, but if you diet for too long without carbohydrates and then resume normal eating, you can experience a rebound whereby you gain a lot of weight rapidly.

The important thing to remember with low carb dieting is to either do it for a short period of time or be prepared to slowly integrate carbs back into your system, so that you don’t get that rebound effect.

For a short-term effect, I’d recommend a three day minimum to two week maximum.

Implementing these strategies will work. These are short-term solutions though, which you must keep in mind. Some of them, like drinking plenty of water, should be carried over into your day-to-day life. But ultimately these tips are for a short-term fix, and you should resume or get on a sustainable eating and workout plan as soon as you are able.

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Lea Waide

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