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Sunscreen is an absolute must have in your cosmetic cabinet.  Time in the sun without sunscreen will quickly age your skin and leave you feeling old and haggard. I live at the beach, so it’s a part of my everyday life.  But regardless of what type of climate you live in, the sun’s rays are always hitting your skin. It’s easy to run out the door and forget, or to end up outside for an extended period of time, when you didn’t intend to be. So the best defense is to arm yourself with awesome sunscreen that you never leave home without.

Personally, I prefer one that is specifically for my face and a different one for my body. I’ve found that the ones with a high SPF can be heavy and greasy and overall not the best product for my face.

That is certainly the case with the Coppertone Sport. While I don’t mind a certain amount of greasiness when it comes to sunscreens, and this one does rub in easily, it’s not something I want on my face.

This particular kind has 50 SPF, is labeled Ultra Sweatproof and waterproof.  When dealing with sunscreens, I always take waterproof to mean that I don’t have reapply as often, but that reapplication will still need to happen.  I think you’re making a mistake if you slap some on in the morning, frolic in the pool all day, and think that one application will last you.

But on my hour or so runs or couple of hours hanging out in the sand, this one seems to do the trick.  I do sweat quite a lot, and I haven’t experienced a burn with this product.  In the rare cases that I have used it on my face, it has burned my eyes, once I start sweating and it rolls that way.  Definitely something to be aware of, as it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world.  Overall, it is a solid product.

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Lea Waide

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