Eucerin Original Moisturizing Creme

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As a former bartender extraordinaire, there’s nothing more valuable than a good moisturizer; well, besides an arsenal personality characteristics like patience and acceptance.  But in regards to product, it’s important.  Sanitizer, washing agents and bleach, which are all commonly used products, totally dry out your skin.  And I’ve come to realize that standard moisturizers don’t seem to do the trick.  Plus, living at the beach and always wearing flip flops and shorts makes for the need to have well moisturized skin at all times.

Eucerin is fragrance free and specifically designed for sensitive and very dry skin. The skin on my hands and body isn’t particularly sensitive, but I like the idea of using a product without all the extra junk in there. If you look at the ingredient list, there are eight items listed, as opposed to some of the more standards brands which have over twenty.

It is highly effective for moisturizing.  However, it’s important to note that because of the richness of the product, it is hard to rub in and has a greasy feeling to it, especially if you use too much.  I don’t mind this because I don’t need to apply near as often as other products, and the results are amazing.

At around $12 to $14, it’s certainly not the most economical brand out there.  But again, the results are fantastic and you will use much less than some other lower priced brands.


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Lea Waide

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