Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Hair Elixer

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As a person with very thick and often times dry hair, I’m always on the lookout for good moisturizing products.  I love my hair and like keeping it long, which requires keeping it healthy as well.

I’ve tried the cheap ones and I’ve tried the pricey ones.  After my last oil product being on the costly side and not the miracle cure I thought it would be, I thought I would try one of these lesser expensive ones.

The Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish 5-Action Hair Elixir is a product for adding moisture and shine to your hair that promotes five different ways you can use the product.   The five actions they give you to “transform” your hair are as follows:

1. Pre-shampoo treatment

2. Conditioner booster

3. Blow dry accelerator

4. Ends finisher

5. Overnight leave-in

While I do appreciate the versatility of the product, I am not impressed by this “elixir” for the dryness of my hair.  I think if you have already really healthy hair which not much problem with damage or dryness, this product would be great.  It’s not heavy and you don’t have to worry about using too much and making your hair look greasy.  If I didn’t have dry hair and was just looking for a nice shine or finishing touch, I think this could work great.  But I do not have naturally oily hair. I need a really effective product for moisture and unfortunately, this one isn’t it. No matter how much of it I use, I still feel like my ends look dry.

It smells wonderful.  I will say that about it. And it is very cost effective.  So depending on your hair type, you might be interested in giving this one a shot.


Photo credit: Rocky Lubbers

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