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I was turned onto Nerium AD by a friend who recommended it.  She knew my deep passion for finding the ultimate in skincare, and reported that she could absolutely feel and see the difference.

I called the representative she had used and received the product about a month later for around $90, as I recall.  They say you will use a bottle a month, and they also want to put you on an automatic payment plan to receive that bottle, though it is not necessary.

Nerium is a MLM or Multi Level Marketing company.  They have representatives who sell their product and also attempt to recruit others to sell.  The more people who sell for them, the more money they make.  It’s your basic pyramid scheme, which for me, is intently a turn off.  But, not being one to want to miss out on a miracle cream, I let it go that getting my bottle was a total hassle given the fact that the guy who I went through didn’t place my order correctly.  I never received it, and it took my a long time to not only track him down but to finally get the product.

That being said, I actually really like the product. Is it everything they claim it be? Ehh, let’s not get carried away.  I think for me to make a completely fair judgement, I would have to be able to wear it everyday, and I cannot for two reasons.  One, I get very small breakouts.  They aren’t major and I can’t say what it is attributable to, as the product isn’t heavy or greasy, but it does cause some small problems with the my skin.  Also, the smell is terrible.  So terrible that my fiancé has absolutely forbidden me to wear it when we go to bed at the same time. We are both more sensitive to smells than the average bear, but I can’t imagine anyone thinking it smells good.


But it does noticeably tighten the skin.  And for that reason, I would buy it again.  I’ve had this same bottle for months, because that’s how little I use it, mainly because it’s not worth losing my fiancé over! I think it would be worth trying to see what kind of results you get with it, but certainly don’t sign up to make selling Nerium your next career.

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Lea Waide

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